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LAUGH & Grow

We know this hasn’t been easy. After all, that’s why you’re here.

No matter where you are on your journey- we have solutions for you. 

 We’re here to act as your guides, with decades of experience, we strive to empower women and men to enhance their fertility. After decades of working with families, we learned that many were never taught how their body works! We saw how hard it is to advocate for your self when in the throes of hormones, injections and all the rest. 

We know this stuff is serious, but the Six Fishes Method wants to infuse joy and hope into the process:


Join the course


We’re here to teach you body literacy. Learn about your cycle, when you ovulate, cervical mucus, eating for reproductive health.


We’ll coach you on how to ask questions so you have the info-rmation to make empowered choices


Unearth root imbalances that are getting in the way of conceiving. Upgrade your diet to optimize fertility.


Grow your health and vitality to “ready the nest” & with our post natal care, watch six fishes grow with you


and be Heard with Six Fishes superpower: Compassion, Experience and Chinese Herbs.


We call this our LAUGH Fertility method.

 At Six Fishes, we’ve refined our process: combining the nutrition, Chinese medicine, body knowledge, stress reduction and good old common sense to help optimize fertility. 

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We help families have babies.

Our LAUGH Fertility Method addresses many of the Fertility Challenges you are facing:

circle-check-solid 1 PCOS

circle-check-solid 1 Advanced Maternal Age

circle-check-solid 1 Unexplained Infertility

circle-check-solid 1 Endometriosis 

circle-check-solid 1 Blocked Fallopian Tubes

circle-check-solid 1 Male Factor

circle-check-solid 1 Even Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Our toolbox is large. Our experience is long.

We’ve compiled the best of Chinese Medicine, nutrition, supplements, resources, advocacy and more.

Here's how we help:



LAUGH Fertility Foundations

Guess what? We aren't born knowing how our bodies work! This nurturing series of four group classes will teach you to understand your menstrual cycle, learn your body’s fertility signals, how to interpret your basal-body temperature to improve your chances of conceiving and what to eat for vibrant health. You’ll learn about the best supplements (and which to ones to avoid!)

Starts Feb 15th, 2024

Readying the Nest: Personal Fertility Coaching

Our most comprehensive program.

All the guidance from the group program, plus 3 months of uniquely customized, confidential support. Price includes everything you need to ready the nest:
A personalized journey to pave the way for success.

Includes 3 months of Chinese herbal formulas written just for you, Womb Warmer, handouts and resources galore and so much more.


What's best for you? 

Both Programs include resources, links to our favorite books, free handouts, discounts on our curated supplements and access to our membership forum.

The ideal launching pad for a positive fertilty journey

One on One Session


1 private session

For Women and Men.

  • 90 minutes of focused, personalized attention with an action plan created just for you.
  • Let's meet individually and get a detailed narrative of your fertility journey. 
  • Understand your fertility type and actionable steps to balance your health
  • Get a health plan, personalized herbal recommendations, and customized supplements for you.
  • Mind-body exercises and meditations to help eliminate patterns of stress.

Best if your fertility journey is new

LAUGH˚ Basics Small Group


4 Group Sessions starting with the core principles of LAUGH to Ready your Nest:

  • L: Body Literacy. Learn Your body’s fertility signals,
  • A: Advocate for yourself with solid knowledge and information. The world of reproductive health is overwhelming. 
  • U: Understand your menstrual cycle, and all your body;s fertilty signs. Honestly- sometimes it's just as easy as getting the timing right. 
  • G: Grow your health. Learn the best foods and supplements to balance your body (and which to avoid!)
  • H: Heal with Relaxation Techniques and Visualizations

Best if you're have been trying for a while.

Personal Fertility Coaching Series


6 sessions

6 Individual Sessions over three months, scheduled at your convenience

This all-inclusive program includes everything in LAUGH basics, plus:

  • Compassionate Support
  • Three months of custom herb formulas uniquely created for your fertility type. 
  • A bottle of our signature Womb Warmer
  • Our favorite nutrition book.
  • Curated supplements selected by us with a 20% discount.
  • Email check-in's

Unsure What Option is for You?  


Schedule a free discovery call. We'll guide to the choose the best LAUGH program for your needs


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LAUGH Fertility Coaching Unlocks
Joy on the Journey to a Family

Imagine this:

  Feeling Renewed Hope and Confidence: 

   Empowered Decision-Making

   Holistic Wellness Transformation

   Expand your community and celebrate successes


Does this resonate with you?  

Meet Your Coaches

Cara Frank & Nicole Mena

Two of Six Fishes top practitioners whose journey into Chinese Medicine started with their own personal fertility related issues on a mission to share their knowledge and passion. 

"Working with my patients through this is a partnership. I love helping our patients take charge of their own health and well-being. We are just here to guide you along the way!" 



Decades of Experience 

Six Fishes Fertility Coaching is brought to you by Cara Frank and Nicole Mena, two philadelphia based practitioners with decades of experience in Chinese Medicine and a passion for fertility and optimized health

Cara Frank

Cara is amazing! I was told at 25 that I had early ovulation failure and needed medication and other procedures to ovulate and have a child. I went to acupuncture weekly and finally went to see Cara for Chinese herbs and 6 weeks later was thrilled to be finally pregnant! When I was ready for the next, I went to her again and only 4 weeks later was expecting again! My husband and I now have a 15 month old and are expecting our second in 5 months, and I will forever to grateful for Cara's knowledge and kindness!!

Grateful Mom

Cara Frank

"When our infertility journey began, I heard of acupuncture being a huge assist with fertility treatments and boy am I glad that I was directed to Nicole at Six Fishes.
She changed my life, for the better. She was with me every step of our journey.. She literally is going to watch my family develop, as we went from struggling, to leaning in on her guidance and support, to now growing through her care. She takes the time to hear your concerns, provide insight from her heart, and is always there for you when you need it! You do not just gain an acupuncturist, you experience someone who truly has a passion for treating her patients.
No question is silly and she makes you feel beyond comfortable in every treatment! I am grateful that our journey led me to her because she got me on track through her treatments, when I was feeling lost. I would not be where I am today mentally and physically without her! Acupuncture has now become a part of my life and I am forever grateful for Nicole. Thank you for all that you have done for me!"